Family history


The Miailhe family

First as wine brokers from the late 18th century onwards, then as winegrowers with a major Médoc presence, the Miailhe family are one of the great lineages whose name has long been linked to the history of Bordeaux wine.

The family settled in Saint-Seurin-de-Cadourne in 1925.

Since arriving in the family company in 1972, Eric Miailhe has been responsible for two major vineyards in the shape of Château Coufran and Château Verdignan. Since 2006, he has been aided in his task by his daughter Lovely, who shares his passion.

Together with Château Soudars, these three sites form a wonderful, vast collection of some 300 hectares, 160 of which stand on the best land in the area and are planted with vines.





Becoming a winemaker means having authentic values and a farming identity, as it all begins with the soil.

Choosing a relatively unusual, predominantly limestone-clay terroir goes against the principle that fine Médoc wines can only grow in gravel soils.

An authentic winemaker is one who re-examines his or her approach every year to suit a unique vintage.

Never mind thermovinification, inverse osmosis, excessive extraction and standardised wines.

Focus instead on wines that offer a fair picture of their terroir, with no trickery!